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Directorate of Ecotourism

The Directorate of Ecotourism is an apex body under the Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department constituted to organize and ensure effective management and implementation of the ecotourism objectives and principles in the State which is prescribed by the Sikkim Ecotourism Policy, 2011. The Directorate is the executing arm of the Department with regard to all ecotourism activities functioning under the Sikkim Ecotourism Council, an autonomous body with representatives from Government Departments, Civil Society, Tourism professionals and public sector representatives.
Currently, the following officials of the FEWMD are working under the Directorate in the following capacities:

1. Shri J.B Subba, IFS,
Director, KNP HZP
Director, Directorate of Ecotourism
2. Shri Udai Gurung, IFS,
Additional Project Director, SBFP
Additional Director, Directorate of Ecotourism
3. Shri N. Jaswant, IFS,
Divisional Forest Officer (Ecotourism), SBFP
Deputy Director, Directorate of Ecotourism
4. Ms. Arati Basnet, SFS,
Assistant Conservator of Forest (SW&ET), SBFP
Assistant Director, Directorate of Ecotourism
5. Ms. Sandhya Rani Pant, Product, Sales and Advertising Manager Ecotourism Marketing Cell (EMC), SBFP Manager, Directorate of Ecotourism
6. Ms. Sonam Laden, PR, Event and Festival Manager
Ecotourism Marketing Cell (EMC) SBFP
Manager, Directorate of Ecotourism

The Directorate carries out the following functions:

  1. It channelizes and regulates all the ecotourism activities in the Pas, RFs and other forest lands in Sikkim.
  2. It provides training and capacity building to ecotourism service providers like the tour operators, home stay owners, Local NGOs, members of EDCs.
  3. In addition, in the days to come, all the Existing infrastructures within the FEWMD which can be used for ecotourism activities, like the Forest Ret Houses and other structures, will be brought under the Directorate for enhanced utilization of the Departmental resourceshe ecotourism will be promoted with twin objectives of providing income generation opportunities to local communities living in the forest fringe area, and ensuring that the impacts of developing ecotourism do not damage the environment.

Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation & Forest Management Project (SBFP)

Sikkim is known for its rich heritage of biological diversity and is one of the hotspots of biodiversity in the world. Keeping this in view, Government of Japan through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has sanctioned financial assistance for Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project starting from 2010-2011 which aims to strengthen biodiversity conservation activities and forest management capacity and simultaneously improve livelihood of the local people who are dependent on forest and are living in forest fringe areas.

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